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Everyday Things to Help You Through Any Healing Journey

Everyday Things to Help You Through Any Healing Journey

Through out my life I have been on MANY healing journey’s. Even though each journey has been inherently different; between what I am trying to heal, where I am in my life and how I am approaching whatever it is I am trying to heal there seems to be some commonalities between them all.

Now I don’t know what brought you here. Maybe you are trying to heal from a chronic disease. Maybe you are trying to practice preventative measures against something that you have a family history of. Maybe you are looking to up-level your over all wellness. OR maybe you just are a consumer of health and knowledge just like me. No matter what it is that lead you here to this place, seeking this information I assure you that you will take away exactly what you need to help you on your healing journey.

I spent the majority of my adult life on some sort of a healing journey or another.

During my early twenties I went through a period of rapid weight loss, blood pressure that would go from high to low, and unstable thyroid levels. This is what first lead me away from the Western Medical system into the Natural Medicine world. This was also when I first learned I had the gene/antibody for Hashimoto’s BUT that it was not active yet. Which lead me on my first healing journey.

In my mid-twenties I was practicing as a counsellor full time, and then working part-time as a waitress trying to pay off student debit as soon as I could. Between working almost all hours of the day, normal life stuff, and avoiding deep set trauma that occurred in my early childhood I burnt the f@ck out. I started experiencing adrenal fatigue, iron issues (because I was vegetarian/vegan and NOT able to absorb iron properly), and then mental health issues. So I went on another health journey…BTW this is also the time when I decided to leave my old life back in Alberta as a counsellor, move to Vancouver BC and start studying nutrition.

And now in my early thirties…

After months of feeling beyond dizzy, weak, exhausted (even after sleeping for 10 plus hours!), migraines, rapid weight gain (which normally wouldn’t bother me except that I was still VERY active and eating VERY “healthy”), and so much more I finally decided to face the truth and go into my doctor. Now the only thing that is for certain is that my iron is SUPER low, my blood pressure in unstable (high to low), and that my antibody levels are elevated…Sooo I have started yet another healing journey.

Soon after starting this last healing journey I started looking, comparing and finding commonalities between ALL healing journey’s. Not just my own. Not just my clients. Not just friends. Not just my families. Literally ALL of them! And you wanna know what I noticed… Each healing journey, NO MATTER what the person was trying to heal, had some commonalities in them. And those commonalities were some of the biggest game changers for the health of that individual OVER ALL, and very easy to implement!

So what are are these commonalities?

  1. Sleep. It is estimated that the MAJORITY of adults receive between 6-7 hours of quality sleep a night BUT it is recommended that we actually get between 9-10 hours of quality sleep night! A lack of quality sleep affects all aspects of our health; physical, mental and emotional. Regularly having just one less hour of sleep a night than what is recommended is associated with increased blood pressure, blood sugar instability, hormonal disturbances, decreased digestive ability and increased risk for heart attack! To make sure that your getting enough quality sleep try staying away from screens for a minimum of 1 hour before bed, not eating within 2 hours of bed, and adding a sleep mask/ear plus to block out any major noises or lights. You can also take a quality sleep supplement like Megafoods Berry Good Sleep which uses the only known plant based whole foods Melatonin sources (cherries and blueberries). Also if you want to check out some AMAZING and eye opening sleep studies check out sleep expert Dr Matthew Walker.

  2. Hydration. Water is literally the life force of everything living! It is what helps our blood to deliver nutrients to cells, provides electrolytes, and is a source of amazing minerals that are less commonly found in our everyday diets. For optimal hydration you should be aiming to get around 3 litres of water a day (if you have a lower level of activity) and 4 litres (if you have higher levels of activity, 1 hour plus). I find that most of my clients, and myself included, tend to drink more water if they have a water bottle that they TRULY love and carry with them while they go through out their day. Some people also find that adding a squeeze of lemon, sprig of mint, slice of cucumber or a straw helps them to drink more water too.

  3. More Plants. No matter what diet you practice, what healing protocol you are on, or what style of eating you find fuels your body best; the commonality between all “health” promoting diets is that the majority of your diet (about 70-80%) should be coming from plant based sources, with about 60% of that coming from vegetables and fruits. Plant based foods, especially vegetables and fruits, are higher in vitamins and minerals the body needs to use as building blocks for health. Now that might sound like a lot or you might be thinking of how the heck to even make that happen BUT it is actually super easy to incorporate. Making sure at least 1/2 of your plate is from plant based sources, you are eating 2 servings of different vegetables/fruits at each main meal, and choosing at least 1 snack a day as a fruit/vegetable/plant based snack will all help you EASILY increase your intake of plant based foods!

  4. Immunity Boost. Your immune system is one of the systems in the body that gets worked a lot, talked about a lot, but is often forgotten about when it comes to health unless you have the flu/cold. But the immune system doesn’t just work when you are sick! The immune system is actually working every second of everyday! Its primary job is to get rid of everyday pathogens that we come in contact with through our food, surfaces we touch, air we breathe and sooo much more! In fact most of the time it is working sooo well we just don’t even notice it doing it’s job! BUT often when we are under taking a healing journey it means our immune system us weakened…WHICH means we are EVEN MORE prone to catching a cold/flu and our healing journey can be prolonged. So boosting your immune system is key. You can do this by making sure you are getting foods that are rich in antioxidants (vitamin a, c, e and minerals selenium/zinc). You can also take an immune supporting supplement that has all the antioxidants all in one place. I personally love the Megafood Elderberry Immune Support Gummies becasue they are made from WHOLE plant foods with some of the highest ORAC values (a way of scoring absorbable nutrients) like elderberry, ginger, and blueberries!

  5. Slow Down. Seriously guys…We all go through life too fast! We speed to work not taking notice of the beautiful sky, or the weather. We rush through our work day not even taking breaks to eat a real meal or breathe properly. Then we rush home power through a workout or some chores, not even asking ourselves how we feel, what we need, and barely interacting with those around us! All of this leads to a chronic state low level of stress, which studies are now showing actually is more dangerous to our health than bursts of high stress situations. Slowing down to notice what is going on around/within you might sound difficult or too time consuming (and who has time for another thing on the to-do list right?), BUT it is crucial when it comes to healing! Start with simple things like 2-3 minutes of deep breathing in the morning, a short walk in nature mid work day WITHOUT your phone/earbuds, writing a gratitude list at the end of your day, journaling, taking ACTUAL breaks at lunch (NOT at your desk), or having a sit down dinner without the TV with your significant other/family and then work your way up from there!

Disclaimer: The tips offered above have worked for many of my clients, as well as myself, BUT each and everyone of our bodies work in different way. Because of differences in genetics, stress levels, and general health it is important to consult a Nutritionist or another health profession before stepping into a healing journey.

This post was sponsored by Megafood, however all the information and opinions are my own.

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