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Ways to Show Yourself Some Self Love and Celebrate How F@ckin Awesome You Are

Ways to Show Yourself Some Self Love and Celebrate How F@ckin Awesome You Are

It is officially the month of love and while its all fine and dandy to celebrate our love for others I am over here this month making sure I am celebrating the love I have cultivated for myself.

Now I know that might sound a little narcissistic, but self love and celebrating yourself is anything but that!

The more we can open up, become comfortable with ourselves, and show ourselves a little more love the more love actually flows into our everyday life.

Every kind of “ship” (that’s any relationship) flows from a place of how much we actually love and honour ourselves. Our efforts, habits, and the way we express love towards others in these relationships come from how much self worth and love we have for ourselves.

When we know what our self worth is, are openingly loving ourselves, and are comfortable in our own skins then our love flows freely into our relationships. Communication flows freely and lovingly in whatever ship it is. We have clear boundaries of what is/is not acceptable and both parties accept and respect them. We are more willing to speak up and be seen when we have fallen, or been hurt. Physical connection, sex and much more, are 100x better. And so so so much more.

…And all this stems from just being able to love yourself and celebrate how f@ckin amazing you truly are!

Okay, yes I know first hand this is not always the easiest for everyone. And I know sometimes you just do not even know where to start, especially on the days where the negative self talk is LOUD AF! So that is why I have developed a list of things that always help me, even on the worst days, to love myself a little more and celebrate how amazing I truly am.

Soo next time you are feeling a little low, like you need a little more love in your life, or just want to celebrate how awesome you truly are…Just pick out something from this list and get ready to see magic happen!

  1. Give yourself a big old bear hug! Wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze! Try to make sure you do this for at least 20 seconds so that you get that huge oxytocin release.

  2. Magnesium and essential oil bath. Pick an oil you love, add some magnesium flakes or epsom salt and add it all to your bath! Don’t have a bath tub?! Or not into baths?! Try running the shower on hot, like hotter than normal, for about 1 minute before you get in. Before getting in rub your favourite essential oil into the palms of your hands and then sprinkle a bit into the shower!

  3. Living room dance par-tay! Through on your favourite outfit, blast your favourite tunes, and just move your body in anyway that feels comfortable! I love to go from doing the shopping cart dance move to twerkin it all within the same 30 seconds of a song! Bonus if you belt out to the tunes your dancing to.

  4. Have a candle lit dinner with just you. Now it took me a while to learn that when I was eating on my own I did not need to do it in front of the TV, while reading a book, or working away on my phone/computer. To make this time extra special try lighting a candle, making your favourite meal, OR bringing out the special “only if the queen comes” plates! PS sorry for the friends reference!

  5. Write a love letter to yourself…and ACTUALLY mail it! Now this one is a little pre-emptive but the idea is that you sit down and write a letter to yourself like you were writing to a lover. Really try to get into it by playing some romantic tunes or tossing on your favourite lip colour to seal the letter with a kiss. Then toss it into your local post box. When your future self gets it and reads it, it is bound to brighten up even the sourest of days!

  6. Take yourself out on a date! This could be doing anything BUT you need to do it for yourself and with only yourself! I personally love taking myself to get a pedicure/manicure OR for a massage/body work.

  7. Make yourself a big mug of your favourite warm drink and curl up and drink it in silence or with calming music on. Do not get up to continue on with life until you have fully finished your drink!

  8. Smile at every person you see. Super simple. Super easy. And chances are most, if not ALL, will give you a smile back! I always find that when I smile at ones and I get one back my heart just sings.

  9. Breathing in love. This one is super easy BUT you do have to have an essential oil diffuser and some essential oils. Simply fill up your diffuser and add in your favourite citrus essential oil or blend, I personally my Saje Wellness Unwind blend, and then sit near by and repeat the following until you feel the weight lift from your heart space…Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Breathe in through your nose to the count of 6 and the out of your mouth for the count of six. Whenever you breathe in think of one thing you love, are thankful/grateful for about yourself (can be as simple as your able to breathe in and out, you have beautiful eyes, or that you are driven). You can do this with a non citrus essential oil but I highly recommend a citrus one as citrus scents invoke the happiness and joy centres of the brain to fire up.

  10. Do your hair just because! So often we only do our hair or wear make up because its a “special” occasion. But here is the thing…you are a special occasion and are more than worth it! So do your hair, your make up, or both just because you are you, and you are MORE than worth it!

  11. Buy yourself a bouquet of your favourite flowers…OR if seeing them fade away makes you sad, pick up a new plant friend! No need to wait for flowers from someone else!

  12. Take a sexy picture thats JUST FOR YOU!!! No need to send it, post it or anything. Literally take it just for you. Do your hair, make up, dress up, or wear nothing at all. Just make sure whatever it is that you do, that you are doing it because it makes you feel good in the skin you are in!

  13. Pet something furry!!! Okay so not only do I have 2 fur-cat babes of my own that are cuddly AF, but I am also that girl that stops and asks to pet every dog she sees. And just give whatever furry creature you are petting a quick pat, REALLY get in there! Give them some scratches, maybe a belly rub, or a nose nuzzle! Also make sure you have the permission of the owner because not ALL animals love attention from strangers.

  14. Take a walk in nature. Thats it thats all! Just put on some shoes, or not if you are into that too, and get outside! Bonus points if you take a few minutes to hug a tree!

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