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5 Ways to Reduce Your Mental Load

5 Ways to Reduce Your Mental Load

Have you ever just felt exhausted literally thinking about all the things you have to do in a day, week, month?

Your moms birthday, changing over the laundry, going to the gym, walking the dog, eating, drinking water, the meeting with your boss, the deadline for a project, oh and don’t forget to get toothpaste…All of the things…Constantly going through your head…

Okay yes all these are “normal” things that are apart of everyday life, BUT they are also something that is called mental load, or emotional labour!

Now typically this has been thought to be something more women than men deal with, BUT I have recently been meeting more and more men that also admit that they deal with this same thing, just in a different way. The biggest difference appears to be when both genders are thinking of all the “things of life”. Men appear to only think of the task/organization/etc the day of or moments before, where as women tend to have this on their minds for a full day or more before hand trying to make it “fit” into the schedule that is life. Polls have also shown that MOST men are still holding less mental load when it comes to the running/organizing/cleaning of the home than women.

BUT regardless of your gender mental load is STILL A VERY real thing, and it can deeply impact your overall happiness and your everyday stress levels.

So how do we combat it?

Well to be completely frank…you learn to just let it all go! Let the small things roll off your back and just be more in the moment. But honestly that all sound easier than done, and is something that will consist of continuously exploring and growing your being. So while your off doing that I have some simple steps to help reduce your mental load right now!

  1. Get a good day planner. Now I am not talking about one that literally just has a place for what’s happening day to day BUT a planner that actually has space for to-do lists, goals, and even meal planning! Having one place to actually be able to write down “all the things” that you need to complete, organize, and remember really helps to cut down on what you need to keep up top. There is also a new form of planning/organizing called bullet journaling BUT more on this later.

  2. Family calendar. Now I know you are probably thinking but wait why would I need a day planner as well as a family calendar? The answer is simple the more you get out of your head the more space you have in there and less stressed out and emotionally taxed you will feel. Having a family calendar cuts down on the stress of wandering of where whoever needs to be at a certain time because you have it in front of you! It can also help you to plan “free time together” more easily too. Don’t have kids yet? No problem! Do it with your partner! Both me and my partner have our iCalendars linked and EVERYTHING you could ever think about is scheduled in them, and I have to tell you it has saved my ass a few times!

  3. Delegation. Okay so this can be a hard one for some women, and also some men, BUT it is sooo worth learning to do! I know we all want to be “independent” or “strong” but both of those things ALSO mean knowing when to ask for HELP! Delegating chores, responsibilities at home/work, or organizing of anything  simply means that you are asking nicely, not ordering, someone to step in and take responsibility for whatever it is. This task then SOLELY becomes that other persons responsibility and NOT yours!

  4. Learn to practice mind dumping. Mind dumping is a “newer, old” practice that is trending right now and for GOOD reason! All you need to do is simply grab a sheet of paper, a journal, or blank notebook and start by writing down literally anything and EVERYTHING on your mind. Thoughts, emotions, to-do lists, goals, its all game. From there you can choose to bullet journal and place them into categories and lists that you can check off when complete!

  5. Wear a watch and invest in clocks. Now this might sound like an odd one but I truly swear by it! Wearing and INVESTING in a good watch will strategically cut down on the amount of times that you check your phone, even if it is just for the time, and then get side tracked by messages coming in, reminders, and all the things! Wearing a watch has been a game changer for me personally because whenever I would check my phone for the time I would immediately feel all my stress hormones start to rise at the sight of ALL the notifications on my screen…Plus wearing a watch also makes ANY outfit you wear look complete which who wouldn’t want that!


If you are looking for a versatile BUT also stylish watch recommendation I personally love my JORD watch so much and I HIGHLY suggest checking them out. They have so many different and beautiful watches designs that there is definitely something for everyone. I personally opted for one of their reclaimed wood watches with a hint of rose gold, and if you know me you know this is right up my alley! This specific watch perfectly dresses up anything I wear and I have got so many compliments on it that I have lost count!

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