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Welcome to Thyme to Nourish. My name is Danielle. Here you will find everything to do with health, wellness, food, and fun. So come, lets start this journey together!

New Series Alert...A Date with Danielle

New Series Alert...A Date with Danielle

Hey Lovelies!

So we are in full swing 2019 now and one of my intentions this year was to share more of my story, my why and who I am with you. By doing this it is my intention for you all to get to know me a little more, realize that I am a real ass person, and why I have chosen this path. AND thats why I have chosen to start a new monthly series called…

“A Date with Danielle”

This new series will be all about what is going on in my life currently, the ups & downs, products/recipes I am into, new things I am loving…basically anything in my life that is related to health and wellness is up for game! It will be posted on the last Saturday of each month AND will give you a little glimpse into my comings and goings!

So without further waiting…Lets Get Started!

Ohhhh January 2019…You have been a serious whirlwind! I CANNOT, in all seriousness, believe that it is almost the end of the month!

The beginning of the year came for me just like everyone else’s. I set some intentions. Was in bed BEFORE midnight…Oh wait is that just a me thing? And woke up New Years Day ready to take on 2019!

Because last year was filled FULL of everything and anything I put on my vision board and wrote on my intention list, this year I decided A LOT MORE SPACE was what was needed. Space to grow. Space to rest. Space for just living and being in the moment of life. BUT that does not mean I do not have some more “concrete” intentions and goals for this year. Here is a sneak peak into a few of them:

  • Boost my immune system!!! So I have been sick A LOT in the past 4 months…And so I am taking charge. Being sick so much lately probably has to do with the amount of stress I have experienced in the last 6 months and last years go, go, go life style which is another reason why I will be creating more space in 2019.

  • Host my first workshop. Now this is ACTUALLY in the works right now…BUT what has not been decided is whether or not it will be online OR it will take place in Vancouver in person. So stay tuned for these details!

  • Build my savings account…Yea I am NOT great with money. Insert an eye roll and shoulder shrug. So here is the thing I used to be GREAT with money…AND then I went back to school for the SECOND time, depleted my savings doing so, went into debt…AND then have been just focusing on paying THAT debit off and not saving…SOOO this year is ALL about financial freedom! I mean after all I do have a wedding coming up…

  • Release and let go of some of the trauma I have been holding on to from my mother’s passing. So…not many of you know this BUT in December of 2017 I lost my mother to a short battle with cancer. BUT becasue she was ill for such a short amount of time it was more traumatic than I realized or let on. I am ONLY now starting to realize/come to terms with this and exactly HOW much it affected me, and in what ways…So 2019 I am dedicating some serious work around this. A few of the things I am doing is seeing my old counselor again regularly, yes even counselors need a counselor sometimes, and doing a program called UNBLOCKED Reparent by Lacey Phillips to help with deep childhood blocks.


Now because it is January and EVERYONE is on some sort of a diet, cleanse, etc I decided not to be…OR rather just the fact I DO NOT believe in diets (also more coming on this soon), but rather believe in tuning in, listening to, and giving my body what it REALLY needs, wants and is asking for. Here are some of the recipes, foods, and things I have been into this month.

  • Smoothies made with Botanica Perfect Protein Elevated in Brain Booster! Okay seriously I usually DO NOT tolerate vegan protein powders easily, my stomach and pea protein (which is usually used) are not great friends, BUT this vegan protein is AMAZING! But Botanica uses protein from fermented/sprouted quinoa and brown rice, so it is more easily digested and TOLERATED by most people. Looking for a smoothie recipe idea? Right now I am crushing hard on this low sugar Mint Chip Smoothie.

  • Lemon water first thing! So I am all about hydration first thing in the am for so many reasons, but the biggest reason is that you have not had water in at least 6 hours, or MORE! You need to rehydrate because your body used a lot of water doing ALL the things over the course of the night. So I get up drink 750 ml of regular room temperature water, room temperature is BEST for digestion, AND THEN I refill my 750 ml jar with BUT this time I add 1/2 of a squeezed lemon, pinch of quality salt, and sometimes a greens powder IF I’M FEELING IT.

  • Soups, stews, and curries! Give me all the heavy, comforting, deliciousness of these warming, hygge type foods because guess what…It’s still COLD outside!!! But also because I have been sick these foods have been even more my thing and my favourite right now…Chocolate Root Veggie Chilli!

  • Tahini Cookies! Yepp it’s January and I am eating cookies, like I said no diets over here. Now I have a recipe that is in the works for these…So no link here, but stay tuned!

Let’s just Neflix and read! So I am a real big book worm..Like seriously I love to read! I read every night before I go to bed. I read most mornings when I wake up. I read in the middle of the day just because…Basically I read A LOT! And I also really enjoy a good binge session on Netflix/Amazon Prime/Crave on lazy Sunday mornings. Here is the latest in my world of binge worthy shows and books!

  • Grand Tour! Okay soooo primarily this is a car show…BUT it is also so much more than that. My partner is a real big car lover and it took him a long time to convince me to start watching Jermey Clarkson and the boys, but now that I have started I do not think I will ever stop! This show is an hour filled with non stop British humour, world travels, and boys being silly boys!

  • YOU…Okay so pre-warning this Netflix special is good but it is also creepy AF too! I pretty much watched it all with in one week and then checked the security levels on all my media and electronics.

  • Genius Foods by Max Lugavere this is about my 3rd time picking up this book and each and every time it truly amazes me just exactly how much food impacts our mental functioning, and how we are only truly NOW starting to do the research behind it all. If you are into food and brain health serious run out and buy this book ASAP!

  • The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon, or the 5th book of the Outlander series. I have been plucking away at this book for about 2 months now and am so proud to admit that I AM FINALLY DONE!! I personally love the Outlander series because it is kind of witchy, kind of like a harlequin romance, and has sooo much history in it. If your looking to escape into book filled with romance and herbals this series is definitely for you!

That really is all that I have for you this month! I cannot wait until the next time, but until then I wish you nothing but good food and gratitude.

Tahini Chip Cookies

Tahini Chip Cookies

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