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Everyday Boring Self Care and How to Make It Fun

Everyday Boring Self Care and How to Make It Fun

Self care is a big buzz word right now. I feel like you literally cannot go anywhere without hearing the term! And it is blowing up like crazy for really good reason too…..

Today’s society is full of the busy, hussel, and bussel energy. We tend to burnout young. Develop mental health issues early. And our hormones become a mess!

But here is the thing….it doesn’t have to be like that! And making sure that you are practicing self care is one important way to make sure that you are slowing down so that health challenges don’t develop and so that you can give your body/brain the capacity to heal the ones already present.

But before we start diving into some easy peezy daily self care practices lets talk about what self care really is…..because lets face it with the term being everywhere and anywhere it might be hard to figure out exactly what it truly means!

If you go one Instagram and search self care under the hashtags you can all but bet that you will find all the pictures of candle lit baths, shopping sprees, massages, and so so much more. But here is the thing…. Self care is WAY more than that! Self care is about doing stuff to support your mental, emotional and physical well being. Some times the things that support us in these ways are fun, out of the normal activities that nourish us. Other times the things that support our well being are just everyday things seem “boring” but none the less are actually self care just the same.

My journey with self care has been a long one….For so many years I put myself last and everyone else first. I would even go as far to go into work deadly ill (and I am talking like should be in the lung infections) just because I did not want to put anyone out. Always putting myself last soon took a toll on my health both mentally and physically. I became super depressed and anxious all the time. I began drinking heavily as a way of coping with those feelings. I was sick way more than was normal! Finally my counsellor at the time (yes even us counsellors need a little support too) got real with me and told me that there was no way I would ever make any progress if I did not start taking care of myself and putting myself first and foremost…You know the whole “You can’t our from an empty cup speech”, only she was VERY real and VERY stern about it. This was my wake up call…..I did want to get better, and I was the only thing standing in my way of doing so.

So my journey continued and I moved into a time frame where I had epsom salt baths every night. Bought all the books I could find that I loved. Stayed in on Friday nights watching movies eating my favourite snacks. Meeting friends/family only at places that I enjoyed going to. And this was my life. And I was feeling great….until all of these things started getting put on the back burner once again and I become just as stressed and depressed as before.

After realizing I was on the path to being in a similar place that I was a few years back (because I truly believe you can never fully go backwards) I decided to start doing some research on making self care practices stick, and it was then that I came across an article on “boring self care”. This was when it all really clicked and the moment when I knew that this was exactly what I needed to start implementing in my own life. Things like brushing my teeth both morning & night, making sure I was getting in my daily veggies, drinking 3 litres of water a day, washing my hair, cleaning my house, and sleeping were now that I focused on (with a some more fun self care practices thrown in of course).

But here is the thing that I realized through all of that…..It can sometimes be hard to see or feel like the “boring self care” is self care at all! I mean come on….brushing my teeth and going to bed at a decent time doesn’t always scream fun (unless your me, I love a good early night lol). So when I am working with a clients that truly needs to start focusing on themselves more as a way of healing making “boring self care” seem fun is a big goal! Not only does this help them to start focusing on themselves in a very practical way but making it a little more fun is always a sure way to make sure they realize they actually ARE doing something for themselves!! So here are some of my favourite ways to make “boring self care” seem a little less boring!!

  1. Add some music and dance like no ones watching you! Ok so this so easy to do and you can literally add it to any “boring” self care activity you need to do. All you have to do is literally put on your favourite jamz (I’m a big fan of chill hip hop) and move your body in any capacity! I’m a huge fan of the shoulder dance while washing the dishes, or the booty bump while cleaning the tub!

  2. Buy a water bottle that you absolutely LOVE. So this actually does not just apply to water bottles but everything!! If it is something that you have to use everything day for “boring” self care like a water bottle, tooth brush, hair brush, face cloth, etc actually invest in one that you like!! If you don’t like it chances are you will either use it less or not use it at all. BUT if you actually invest your money into something that you want to use/carry around you are way more likely to keep up with it. My water bottle cost me $40 which might sound excessive, but I honestly love it and I carry it everywhere with me! Before this bottle I used to use another that I did not particularly like and I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I would “forget” it at home…..

  3. Practice your clown faces….or any silly faces. Okay lets get real….we are all a little too much in our own heads, a little too much of the time….And a lot of the time when we are doing mondane activities it gives us even more time to be in our own head, which can be good but sometimes it not so much. SOOOOO why not get out of your head and add a little more fun into whatever it is you are doing at the moment!? Make a funny face at someone near you or even if at yourself….or maybe bust out a weird voice or accent! Trust me…whatever it is that you are doing whether it is cooking, keep your books, or scrubbing the toilette it will be even more bearable if you insert a little humour into it.

  4. Mix things up! So often when it comes to activities that we are doing regularly we get bored and start really not wanting to do them…..and then eventually skipping them all together! So no matter what the activity it is that you are doing make sure you are mixing it up. Try different workouts, different foods/cooking styles, pick a different colour of toothbrush or flavour of tooth paste, etc. There are soooo many options out there, why not try them all!!!

  5. Wear something beautiful. You know that feeling you have inside when your wearing something that you absolutely love and you know you look good in? Why not apply that to your life ALL THE FREAKIN TIME….even while your doing “boring” self care things like cleaning your house, washing your car, brushing your teeth or cooking! It isn’t about dressing to the nine…although I may have once or twice vacuumed while in a dress and heels….It’s about feeling good! Maybe you feel good in your favourite sweater. Maybe its a pair of jeans that you know makes your @$$ look fine. OR MAYBE its your birthday suite!! Whatever it is wear it!

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