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Holidays Sweets & Treats and a BIG Announcement

Holidays Sweets & Treats and a BIG Announcement

It’s here!! It’s finally here!!! Guy’s I wrote an e-cookbook!! Seriously I cannot even believe this!

Ever since I can remember I have been hanging out in the kitchen cooking, baking and eating all the things. And since then EVERYONE in my family have been telling me I need to write a cookbook. At first, back in my counseling days, I was like hell to the no….But then I started changing my lifestyle, the way I viewed food (from one of restriction/rigidity to freedom) and I started realizing that maybe a cookbook wasn’t so crazy… BECAUSE even though I was trying to be a little more conscious about my intake of sugars, and the type of fats and flours I was using I still wanted to be able to partake in indulging and connecting over food.

So anyway long story short…EVERYONE else’s dream of a cookbook became a very real dream of my own!

Not only is this a dream come true for me but I am also offering it to all of you FOR FREE, as long as you subscribe and follow the blog that is. So all you have to do is head over here, or hit the subscribe tab, and it will get sent DIRECTLY to your inbox for download…beware it does sometimes take up to 24 hours during high traffic for you to receive it.

This has been a labour of love but also dedication. You see a year ago I lost my own mother around Christmas time and a few years before that, my grandmother only days before Christmas. Christmas was both of their favourite times of year, and we shared so many memories and traditions (including baking) around this time of year. Both of these amazing ladies taught me so much about cooking, baking and food. AND both of them always thought I’d either open up my own place (like a restaurant, cafe or bakery) or write a cookbook. So creating this, putting it out there, into real life, has been not only for you, not only for me, but for them too.


Now whats all in this e-cookbook…Well let me tell you;

  • 5 holiday sweet treat recipes that are all gluten free and use high protein, high fibre flours (not just a gluten free blend).

  • All recipes are either vegan OR have a vegan option.

  • MOST are paleo friendly.

  • All are peanut free.

  • 3 of the recipes are “healtified” traditional holiday cookies.

  • 1 recipe is a “healthified” sticky fudge bar.

  • 1 holiday festive hot drink.

Here is the thing…sugar is every where during the holidays, AND I know most of you will indulge at some point or another and so I wanted to give you a few options that are lower in sugar and are a little healthier than your average treat at this time of year. BY no means do I advocate for people over indulging too often and in large qualities of sugar becasue of OBVIOUS health concerns/reasons. BUT I also do not want you to feel guilt OR shame in indulging in some sweet treats while you are out and about connecting during this time of year. The shame and guilt we feel around food is what ends up doing us more harm in the long run after all, but more on this another time.

Anyways I really hope that you enjoy this e-cookbook as much as I have making it for you! And as always please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all!

Happy Holidays!

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