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Welcome to Thyme to Nourish. My name is Danielle. Here you will find everything to do with health, wellness, food, and fun. So come, lets start this journey together!

The Beginning

The Beginning

For as long as I can remember I have always been passionate about food and healing the mind/body. As a youngster I spent hours beside my Mom and Grandma in our small Southern Albertan kitchen while they baked delicious treats (I still think both of them were the best bakers around), prepared dinner or while they were elbow deep in soil from the garden. No matter what it was, if it involved food, especially if I could "sneak" bits and pieces into my mouth....I was sooo there! I actually remember this one time picking crab apples with my Aunt, Grandma, and Mom where I had managed to eat (I kid you not) almost a full bucket of crab apples before anyone noticed. I just sat there under a nice shady tree with my dolly and popped them into my mouth one by one. That was when I learned that you can always have too much of anything....even if its a "good for you food".

The older I got the more interested I became in learning what it is that we should eat, how food actually nourished/fuelled us mentally/physically, and how I could make these types of foods delicious as heck. I partly began learning this after a wild time in college busting dance moves all night  long and downing cookies, chips and shots like it was my job. But the real learning started when I burned out from my job as a counsellor, was depressed, stressed, and recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease (an auto-immune disease brought on by gluten intolerance). Learning what I could and couldn't have, as well as how to make it actually taste good was a whole new experience. It was at this time that I began to realize how being "healthy" is a lot more than just eating right and exercising.

Soon after I started my health and healing journey started I decided I wanted to learn more than just what the blogs, books, and guru's online were telling me. I decided that I wanted to change my 5 year counselling career path, and hang up my degree in psychology to go back to school for holistic nutrition. So, I packed up my Albertan roots and moved with my partner to Vancouver (BC) where I soon enrolled and started at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. I spent two years head down in the books learning everything and anything to do with holistic nutrition. Psychology and physiology of disease, how different types of food are broken down and used for different energy sources, supplementation of vitamins/minerals/herbs to balance the body naturally, prevention of disease instead of management of disease symptoms, and of course how to make healthy food actually taste delicious.


As soon as I started implementing some of the basic things I learned in nutrition school (like adequate sleep hygiene, hydration, less sugar/carbs, and more plants) and combining them with lifestyle activities if learned as a counsellor I really started to see my whole life change. Instead of going into stressful situation already feeling stressed out and like that particular thing would push me over the edge, I started going into them with a sense of flow and knowing that even if the worst happened I would still be alright.  I started being able to read and feel into my body more making it easier to distinguish between hunger, thirst, pain, and exhaustion. I started dealing with emotions and meeting myself were I was at instead of waiting for emotion/trauma to manifest into illness. I was over all happier and more at ease with myself and the world around me on a daily basis, this is not saying that I didn't still feel depression or anxiety at times (I mean I am only human), but I was just better equipped on how to handle them. I shred mental and physical weight that I had been carrying around with me for years and finally started addressing the root of my physical/mental/emotional issues with love, care and understanding.

It wasn't until I actually started talking to others around me about what I had experienced in the past and how I was changing it in the present with what I'd learned through school, that I truly realized I could turn this "passion hobby" into an actual career. I began to realize that I wanted to help people like myself realize that not only was it possible for them to feel great, but it was actually easier than what it seemed, all it required was taking a little bit of time each day to focus on you. To fill your cup up. To show love to your soul. To nourish your body in all the different ways, not just with food. This is when and where Thyme to Nourish was born.

I wanted to create a community and space to not only showcase easy, simple ways to help heal and nourish the body/mind/soul of real everyday people but also somewhere to find delicious recipes for REAL food that you actually want to eat! Thats right not just a bunch of recipes for salads and rabbit food...although I do love a good salad, just not everyday all day.....but recipes that will leave you filling full and satisfy your soul. I wanted to give the individuals that felt like there was nothing that they could do to help manage their depression, anxiety, or illness except relay on medication, a safe space where they could come and learn a few easily simple tricks that made a difference. I wanted to give people who had dealt with trauma and emotional situations someone that they could work with without feeling like they were being judged. I wanted to show people that taking care of yourself doesn't mean that you are selfish or that you are neglecting others in your life, it is simply making sure that you are taking the time to give your body/soul the healing it is asking for. Here at Thyme to Nourish you will find all of this and so much more. My mission is to inspire you to take thyme to nourish yourself, so that we can all help to nourish and heal the world around us.




Spring Time Carrot Cake

Spring Time Carrot Cake