My whole life I had always had a deep connection to food and where it came from. I grew up close to the land in Southern Alberta; we grew our own vegetables and fruit, caught fish, hunted deer, raised chickens, and I remember some cows and pigs in there as well. I grew up watching both my grandmother and mother in the kitchen creating delicious baked goods and home cooked meals. The best days were the days when I got to help them out.


My journey towards nutrition began in my 2009 while I was living away from home, working as a counsellor, and battling my own illnesses (both physical and emotional). I was depressed, stressed, and to make matters worse my immune system was shot due to living with Celiac Disease and not taking care of myself. After doing some self-refection I quickly realized that I was fuelling myself a dangerous cocktail consisting of; processed foods and beverages that were foreign to me growing up, negative self-deprecating talk, little self-care or love, alcohol and late nights. My life was heavily unbalanced. I knew I did not want to feel the way I was feeling and I knew in order to do that I needed to make a change. I knew what I needed  to do. I needed to bring balance back into my life, re-connect with the land and myself, as well as heal my body with nutritious foods.


After a few years of doing the work myself, I became passionate about health and wellness. In 2013 I decided to leave Southern Alberta, my job as a counsellor and journey to Vancouver BC to study nutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, where I graduated with First Class Honour's. I began learning even more about nutrition, our connection to food, and how food could be medicinal and support us through our  physical and mental health challenges, this sparked my interest even more. I then started experimenting with recipes in my kitchen, incorporating what I learned in nutrition school to create dishes that were not only delicious but full of whole, nutrient dense foods and nourishing to both body soul. 


After years of being depressed, ill, and stressed out I now live a life of health, ease and passion. I live for creating delicious nourishing food, being outdoors, and helping to guide people on their healing journey through the support of nutrition and lifestyle choices.  My mission is to help you break whatever cycle you are in and bring nourishment into your life through my own knowledge, tools and recipes. Learn through my blog, recreate some recipes, come to an event, or work one on one with me.